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Access To Two Credit Bureaus Is Better Than Just One 

The New Insight2 Credit Report is Now Available

More often, we are seeing the advantages of having access to information from multiple credit bureaus becoming very important. When you are making difficult credit decisions or one credit agency has limited information on a potential customer, companies are looking for a more complete picture in the decision process. At NACM Connect, our Credit Solutions Consultants are comparing and contrasting credit reports for our members so they can determine which credit agency best meet their information needs. During this process, we see at times how different the trade and other information vary from one credit bureau compared to another credit agency report.

NACM has a solution for you, the Insight2 credit report. This report combines trade data from NACM and from Experian to give you a better understanding of credit risk. The report provides an NTCR predictive score on whether or not a company will go delinquent in the next 6 months and two Experian scores on the likelihood of serious delinquency or bankruptcy.

We have added the Insight2 purple access button near the National Trade Credit Report button on your dashboard. To learn more about the Insight2 credit report, visit

Please contact one of our Credit Solutions Consultants or me, Craig Smith, Director of Credit Solutions

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