NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR)

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As an aggregator of business and industry information, SkyMinder offers on-line Global content with reliable, up-to date information on millions of public and private companies worldwide.

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  • Pay–as-you go pricing. SkyMinder lets you see what information is available, and how much it costs, all before you buy.
  • Preformatted, customizable, ready-to-use dossier report with extensive information gathered from several databases: a powerful time-saving tool.
  • Simultaneous searches in multiple functions and view two distinct result lists containing all of the information available on any given company.
  • Online information on more than 50 million companies in 230 countries.
  • Financial, credit information and news on millions of public and private companies worldwide.
  • SEC Filings: public-record information from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


Payment Information Rating, credit score and analysis, in-depth financials, solvency, efficiency and profitability ratios, payment history and analysis, public filings, suits, liens, judgements, bankruptcy prediction and banking relationships.

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