NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR)

Portfolio Risk Analysis Report

What does the Portfolio Risk Analysis say to you?

Get a detailed picture of your accounts receivable and the exposure based on your data and others selling to your customers. See geographical and comparable dollar and account exposure over a range of scoring classes from Low to High Risk. Isolate your accounts to take action on accounts that are slowing down. Drill down to see exposed ZIP codes within each state.



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Risk Analysis Export Program

  1. By supplying trade data to NACM Connect, you are able to receive downloads of credit risk scores and industry statistics on our customers and their industry.
  2. Segment and review higher-risk customers for collection activities and review.
  3. Receive over 70 data fields on your customers and data from NACM in an Excel format.
  4. Identify upsell opportunities of low-risk customers by adjusting credit limits based on the company’s good credit standings.
  5. Review the total dollars and percent of total dollars each of your customers are paying in each payment bracket from trade data supplied to NACM.

Portfolio Risk Level Analysis and Descriptions

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