Frequently Asked Questions

NACM Connect is dedicated to providing members with resources and education that helps them become better commercial credit professionals.

NACM Connect membership is one of the best credit decisions you’ll make. Membership provides educational opportunities including certification, classes, conferences, annual meetings, webinars, seminars, roundtables and workshops. We have an Ask an Expert service, offering personalized advice on your specific credit-related questions or challenge. Members save money on credit reports, A/R solutions, lien filings, credit card processing, check guarantees or electronic funds transfers. Networking opportunities allow members to connect with peers in the industry.


A comprehensive compensation survey is conducted every other year and results are published and shared with participating members. A subscription to Business Credit magazine covers the latest issues affecting the credit industry, such as potential laws, rules, regulations or new interpretations. The Credit Check bi-monthly eNewsletter provides timely information formatted especially for Credit professionals.  Also included is a dual membership with NACM National, which allows access to the free data and resources available in the NACM National Knowledge Center and Research Database.

Pricing varies depending on membership level.  There’s a full company membership, associate membership, professional membership, academia membership, student membership and retiree membership.  For specific pricing contact the NACM Connect Member Care center at 847.483.6485.

You may join the NACM Connect at any time, using our convenient online, fax or phone options.

Pricing for credit group membership varies based on the group.  To get pricing and more information on specific Credit Group membership contact NACM Connect’s Director of Group services at 847.483.6428.

Twelve (12) months from the end of the month in which your membership was processed. Example: If your membership is processed on 9/7/2021, then your membership expires on 9/30/2022.

For active members who become unemployed and lose their membership, NACM Connect provides a one-time opportunity to extend membership for an additional year for $75. The transitional membership option can be activated by calling NACM Connect’s Member Care center at 847.483.6485.

Yes, we have an option. There’s a Retiree membership and is available to any member who has retired from active full-time employment. Retired Members enjoy all the privileges of membership including the right to vote, to sign petitions and to hold an elective office. In addition retired members have access to all other NACM Connect member benefits, discounts and offerings. The retired membership option can be activated by calling NACM Connect’s Member Care center at 847.483.6485.

Membership in NACM Connect is like having an additional employee in your department. Let NACM Connect handle your credit applications, analyze your A/R portfolio and help you streamline your processes. We offer tons of resources to save whomever manages the Credit function time and money as they strive to take care of the credit and collections duties.  Our popular online community, The InterConnection, gives you access to credit professionals in our membership for advice on your specific credit-related questions or challenges. We also provide how-to guides, surveys to members on any credit topic, collections and credit law training, webinars on credit applications and more.  Members also receive discounts on products and services including credit reports, A/R solutions, lien filings, credit card processing, check guarantees, electronic funds transfer, online bill pay and much more!

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