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Credit 101 | 102 | 103 Classes

Credit 101, 102 and 103 boot camp classes begin at an introductory level for those just entering the credit profession.  For more experienced credit professionals, the Certification program will testify to your technical and practical excellence.  Start the process of earning your professional designation today!

ALL STATES  | ZOOM  |  9 am – 4 p.m. CST 

Credit 101
January 3
May 1
September 4

Credit 101: An Introduction to Credit Management is a basic-level orientation program that introduces newcomers to the multifaceted field of credit management. This session examines the credit function, the procedures and tasks performed in a typical credit department, and how those procedures impact an entire organization. Credit 101 Course Curriculum >>

Credit 102
February 7
June 5
October 2

Credit 102: An Introduction to Credit Management is an intermediate-level program designed for inquisitive credit personnel who wish to exceed the basics of credit management. This professional educational program examines the underlying knowledge required to successfully function and advance in today’s ever-changing credit department. Credit 102 Course Curriculum >>

Credit 103
April 10
July 10
November 6

Credit 103: Grounded in Basics—Advancing Toward Goals is designed for credit professionals who would like to learn where they fit into the corporate structure and give them tools which are not widely talked about, creating a positive impact on the mission of their credit department. This course is interactive and will include scenarios that will teach students ways to use the tools presented in the class. Credit 101 Course Curriculum >>


MillerKnoll, Inc.  |  855 E. Main Avenue  |  Zeeland, MI 49464
IN-PERSON  |  9 am – 4 p.m. EST 

Credit 101
Credit 102
Credit 103
December 8

Credit 101 Course Curriculum:
• The credit department function
• Credit investigation
• Credit policy
• The legal forms of business
• Basic bankruptcy
• Sales/credit relationship
• NACM Connect Education and
the NACM Connect Institute of Credit

Credit 102 Course Curriculum:
• Credit decisions
• Legal issues and out-of-court settlements
• Negotiable instruments
• Bankruptcy
• Financial statements
NACM Education and what it can do for you

Credit 103 Course Curriculum:
• The role of the credit department within an organization
• An ethical look at the credit department
• Choosing professional vendors
• Putting the pieces together; how to use the tools
• The importance of education and obtaining your certification