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CIC Credit has over 20 years in credit and background screening, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and quick turnaround times. Use our resources to learn more about the people behind small to medium-sized businesses before you extend credit. For those companies that you would like to work with, but their business credit files are a little too sparse or are very new, you may need to pull a consumer credit report on the principal of the business. In many of these companies, a report on the owner is a report on the business. 


Features and Benefits

  • Customer Credit Reports from the three credit repositories – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian
  • Security & Compliance tools to verify the identity of the customer(s) and performs checks for fraud and compliance
  • Dual-Merge Credit Report
  • Tri-Merge Credit Report
  • Joint Applicant Reports
  • Public Records
  • Canadian Consumer Credit Report

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