Why Work with One of Our Partners?

Supporting our partners also supports your Association.  It’s no secret that the fees you pay to both Caine & Weiner or NACM Southwest are shared with NACM Connect, and the revenue received goes right to our bottom line.  In this way, our partners assist in keeping the price of membership and other products and services down, and our partners offer their services at preferred rates to NACM Connect members.  Plus, both agencies are certified by the Commercial Law League of America. 


Since 1975, CLLA’s Commercial Collection Agency Certification program demonstrates that certified agencies adhere to relevant regulations in the collection of commercial debt; use generally accepted accounting practices – and adhere to standards to protect and safeguard their clients’ funds. This program is endorsed by the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC).  CLLA certification is an additional voluntary process that requires agencies to earn the right to be recognized as industry experts. Meeting or exceeding the standard financial guidelines of this in-depth examination allows CLLA certified commercial collection agencies to run their financials correctly from every aspect, which means doing business with them will provide you with the trust you need to succeed.