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Proposed language in a Senate bill and drafted language in a Democratic COVID-19 relief bill are troubling for NACM membership, and the proposed language would impact debt collection throughout the duration of the emergency declaration. Debt collection that commenced before the declaration could continue, but efforts to collect unpaid debts would be seriously curtailed.

The definition of a debt collector, as currently drafted, would include all NACM members. Business-to-business extension of credit is included in the collections prohibitions. Additionally, neither interest or fees could be added to unpaid debts after the end of the COVID-19 emergency. You can find details at https://www.nacmconnect.org/wordpress1/wp-content/uploads/2020PDF/CC/COVID-19-Legislation-Update.pdf

We need ALL NACM Connect members to write to their Congressional Representatives and Senators today. The sample letter you can find at this link https://www.nacmconnect.org/wordpress1/wp-content/uploads/2020PDF/CC/NACM-S-3565-Letter.docx

Congressional Representatives and Senators can be found via the links below.
Find Your House Representative
Find Your House Representative by ZIP Code
Find Your Senators

Please make time today to send these letters to your representatives. Passage as written could severely and negatively impact your collection activities.

Thank you,
Phillip Lattanzio, CCE
President and COO


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You may get an on-line credit reference immediately from a number of NACM Connect members. (Login info needed.)

NACM Connect is a trade association for commercial credit professionals. Virtually every business transaction that concerns another business involves credit, so NACM Connect provides services and information to assist its members in all facets of their work activities. The association offers credit groups, credit reports, credit references, credit application processing, collections services, credit law information and more.

In addition, NACM Connect provides education opportunities in credit, collections and related matters.  Working toward the continuing professionalization of the credit management field is a continual high priority process. NACM Connect is an Affiliate of the National Association of Credit Management.

Association members are Credit Professionals across seventeen states including Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Member companies cover many industries including manufacturing, wholesale, service industries, financial institutions and many more. We provide a vital network through which credit professionals can interact and learn from each other by providing opportunities for members to come together for networking and other business purposes. NACM Connect also monitors legislative developments to assure sound credit laws and guard against fraud.

“My association with NACM has extended over the past 25 years and I’ve found their services to be invaluable when making well informed risk management decisions. NACM brings together a forum of like-minded credit professionals willing to share their experiences and collaborate on a multitude of business topics. It is this “ease of operation” approach which has allowed me to make quick, pragmatic credit decisions that have a direct correlation to my bottom-line. I believe any company entering into today’s business environment without partnering with NACM will find themselves at a severe disadvantage.”
Bill Thompson

Credit Manager, Central Supply

NACM Connect always provides me with tools and knowledge that I can put to use in my Credit career. The seminars offer relaxed and not forced networking opportunities. The networking has allowed me to form business relationships with other credit professioanls. We share ideas on how to resolve the same struggles we experience in a more effective and efficient manner. I rely on all educational opportunities at NACM Connect to provide me with innovative methods to bring back to the office. I value the relationships that are formed and it is evident that they are most advantageous for my career.
Allison Wells, CBA

Senior Credit Analyst, The Chamberlain Group

“By participating in the roundtable discussions my staff is seeing how other companies handle the same day to day issues that we do and not only could they pick up some advice on how to possibly do something better, but also feel good when we can advise someone else how to improve something that we do differently. I am very pleased with the follow up and organization of the credit professionals in our area and feel they are doing many things that the area has not had in several years.”
Ron Sereika, CCE, CEW

Credit Manager, Coopervision, Inc.

“NACM Connect is my go-to resource for obtaining credit information on my customers, as well as monitoring them.  Sharing information with my customers’ common suppliers through my Industry Credit Group is the very best means of getting information to help me make real-time credit decisions.  Other educational and networking events, including the social outings, keep me in touch with credit managers throughout the region.”

Jim Welser

Credit Manager, Columbia Pipe & Supply Company