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Welcome to NACM Connect. We are a trade association for commercial credit professionals. Virtually every business transaction that concerns another business involves credit, so NACM Connect provides services and information to assist its members in all facets of their work activities. The association offers credit groups, credit reports, credit references, credit application processing, collections services, credit law information and more. In addition, NACM Connect provides education opportunities in credit, collections and related matters.  Working toward the continuing professionalization of the credit management field is a continual high priority process. NACM Connect is an Affiliate of the National Association of Credit Management.

Upcoming Events


Highlighting some of the best programs for credit professionals:

Institute of Credit


Founded in 1973, the NACM Connect IOC (Institute of Credit) is the association’s education source set up to conduct formal education programs in the field of business credit management with a view to professional designations.

The InterConnection


NACM Connect members can interact with each other in our online community. Share best practices, inspiration, tips, and ideas. Post questions to members of your group, participate in discussions, get advice and network. Communicate through your preferred channel across the web, SMS and email.

Careers in Credit


Careers In Credit offers services to help credit professionals and employers maximize their potential for success. Featuring industry-leading jobs that target both veteran and new credit managers, CIC is your premier job resource.