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NACM National Trade Credit Report

NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR)

The NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR) is offered exclusively to NACM members, and has the extensive trade database that can give you the information needed to make informed credit decisions. The trade payment history comes from the members of 40 different NACM locations coast to coast. These tradelines are submitted through monthly accounts receivable submissions and NACM Industry Credit Groups. Each affiliate is identified in the report, with the tradelines from that affiliate location displaying under their name. The most recent tradeline per NACM member is displayed in the tradeline section and historical trade payments reported are graphically trended in the next section of the report, comparing two years of the customer’s payment history. From these trends, the NACM National Trade Credit Report presents a graphical look at the percent past due over time, and calculates a real-time score.

Access the NACM National Trade Credit Report User Guide.

Insight2 Report is Here 

This report combines trade data from NACM and from Experian to give you a better understanding of credit risk. The report provides an NTCR predictive score on whether or not a company will go delinquent in the next 6 months and two Experian scores on the likelihood of serious delinquency or bankruptcy.

We have added the Insight2 purple access button near the National Trade Credit Report button on your dashboard. 

Please contact one of our Credit Solutions Consultants or me, Craig Smith, Director of Credit Solutions

More features of the NACM National Trade Credit Report:
  • No self-reported information
  • A Business Credit Score based on forty-two variables
  • Access to 12 month payment history from contributing member’s trade data
  • Critical “flash” information reported by NACM members on liens, bankruptcies, collection referrals, NSF checks, etc.
  • Ability to arrange direct contact with other members on specific trade line questions
  • “Poll My Group” to build an instant, scored credit report with responses from your fellow industry credit group members
  • Discounts offered based on volume and electronic contribution of monthly AR information
  • Portfolio Management Suite