NACM Southwest

Why choose NACM Southwest?

NACM Southwest provides a full range of collection services. These services can be integrated into your collection process, allowing the ability to create the most effective collection system possible. Recovery of a company’s money can be quick and easy with collection services offered by NACM Southwest Collections Services, which specialize in the collection of past due accounts on a local, national and international basis. Accounts receive aggressive action from NACM Affiliates’ experienced collection staff, while keeping a corporate credit department informed with periodic status reports.

Delinquent accounts drain a company’s profits and negatively impact cash flow. They also eat away at credit department resources that could be used in more profitable activity. Statistics on past due accounts are revealing:

  • After only 60 days, over 15% of delinquent accounts will never be collected.
  • After just 90 days, over 27% of delinquent accounts will go uncollected.
  • At six months, there is over a 43% chance that a delinquent account will never be collected.

The conclusion from these statistics is clear: past due receivables demand immediate and effective action.

If you have questions or for information on placing claims, please contact Kelly Hall at 317-225-4281 or by email at