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Why Choose Caine & Weiner?

The Caine & Weiner management team has over 300 years of experience in the field of commercial accounts receivable management. Greg Cohen, President & CEO has 25 years experience in the industry and under his leadership has implemented a scalable infrastructure to support Caine & Weiner’s growth and expansion.

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Caine & Weiner has been in continuous operation since 1930. Their nationwide network of collection centers has the resources and expertise to handle domestic and international debt recovery. Caine & Weiner collectors have an average of ten years of experience.


Over $800 million has been recovered for Caine & Weiner clients. Annual growth for the past ten years has exceeded 20%. Caine & Weiner remains a privately held company that does not rely on outside investors. They are financially strong, well staffed and effective. Investments in technology have increased productivity by 42%, which resulted in increased recoveries being passed on to their clients.


Caine & Weiner has made a substantial investment in collection technologies. Make placements via their website and access account and statistical information, and recent placements and reports through their online resource CW connect. Information can also be searched by account name, client reference number, and other fields. The inquiry screen allows you to view assignment date, amount assigned, amount due, notes & payments. You can also access summary history reports and client inventory reports. All this information is available to Caine & Weiner clients 24/7.

Customer Service

Employee retention is one of the highest in the industry. This ensures that only well-qualified specialists handle the recovery of your delinquent accounts. An Account Executive and a Client Services team member are assigned to each client. This depth of service means that your accounts will be handled by team members that know you and your business.


Commercial Collection Agency Association, Certified by the Commercial Law League of America, American Collectors Association, International Association of Commercial collectors.


Coast-to-coast offices are located in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Buffalo, and Louisville.