Learn as if you will live forever.

Picture of Jason Borgardt, CCE

Jason Borgardt, CCE

NACM Connect IOC - Instructor, Business Credit Principles

At a recent visit to a favorite antique shop, I came across a coated wire desk plaque of the word “Learn” in beautiful cursive script sitting on a dusty shelf.  Being somewhat of an antique myself, I was immediately inspired by this one-word advice for life, and now this inspiration sits prominently on the desk in my U.S. President-themed home office. 


Learning is something we should never stop doing.  Seeking knowledge is a good way to sweep away the dust that can gather on our intellect, and a good way to keep the cobwebs from forming in the brain.  At NACM, you have an excellent resource for learning about the profession of Credit management, whether you have just started a job in the profession in an effort to determine if you will choose that path for your career, or if you are a seasoned veteran in the middle of, or near the end of your Credit management career.


Learning can be by accident, but it is best if it is a deliberate action.  Choosing to learn usually means you are committed, and the learning should then be hopefully easier and more beneficial.  Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you will live forever.”  This is good advice from a wise man, and if heeded, can be a good way to keep from becoming an antique yourself.