How to Improve Your Financial Statement.

Larry Grogan, CCE

Larry Grogan, CCE

NACM Connect IOC | Former Instructor, FSA I

Fresh out of college I began working for D&B as an Inside Reporter in the Credit Services Division. One of my tasks was to write new BIR’s (Business Information Reports) on businesses. There were always two big challenges:

  1.  Convince the business owner over the phone that I was in fact a representative of D&B and not some competitor spying on his/her business (this was before email and caller ID!)
  2.  Sell the owner on how the report would benefit the business by enabling suppliers to make informed judgments about the solvency of the business and its ability pay its bills on a timely basis.

These challenges are similar to what many of us face today working within a business when we request financial statements from our privately held Customers. The purpose of this article is to share some ideas on how to request and receive some level of financial disclosure, perhaps where you were never able to before. READ MORE  | ARTICLE* LINK (pdf) >>


*This article was originally published in the January/February 2016 issue of “The InterConnection.”