New England Best Practices Discussion Group: Zoom Meeting

06jun11:30 am1:00 pmNew England Best Practices Discussion Group: Zoom MeetingDon't Do Business with Strangers

New England Best Practices Discussion Group

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We understand that information in today’s credit world is vital. Participating in a Best Practices Discussion Group will provide you with credit-specific education, contacts in the local credit community, and the opportunity to share ideas with fellow colleagues.

Next Meeting Topics:
Don’t Do Business With Strangers

Topic Description:
Now more than ever this best practice should become standard operating procedure. Please note the following: According to collection agency research, the average delay for a past due payment is 55 days for large businesses and 66 days for SMB’s. The larger the balance owed the lower the probability the balance will be paid in full. During this session, Marc will discuss the following and much, much, more!

  • Establishing Your Terms of Business (TOB)
  • The Best Defense is a Strong Offense
  • If I don’t know you, how can we do business?
  • Pay Attention to the Red Flags

Marc Davenport, AVP
Customer Service
Caine & Weiner


Group Annual Fee: $275.00 (Plus Fixed Expenses).
Meetings: 6 Times Each Year

About the Best Practices Discussion Group
Unlike traditional credit groups, the NACM Connect New England Best Practices Discussion Group is not industry-specific. Your entire company may attend each meeting including your associates, members of the credit department, and even the CEO of your organization. Any NACM Connect member company is welcome to join the group. Each meeting will discuss best practices and no specific customers will be mentioned.

About the Group Meetings
Six times each year, the Best Practices Discussion Group will hold a discussion. Four meetings will take place on Zoom and two meetings will be held in the New England area. We will focus on various credit-related topics relevant to today’s business professional.

Objectives of the Best Practices Discussion Group
• Determine necessary improvements for your credit and/or accounting departments and organization.
• Analyze how other organizations achieve high-performance levels.
• Use gathered information to enhance your company’s performance.

For More Information or to Register:
Please contact Dorann Guenard at or 847-483-6434.



(Thursday) 11:30 am - 1:00 pm  EDT