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Tuition and Registration

Tuition and Registration Fees:
Tuition and all fees are due at the time of registration. A registrant employed by a member-company that is paying the tuition may be invoiced, but needs to make sure that the tuition is paid in full prior to the start of a class session. MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover credit cards can be used for corporate or personal charges. Textbooks may be priced separately from tuition, depending on the class. Textbooks may be picked up prior to class at an NACM Connect classroom facility.

Designation Courses
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Credit 101, Credit 102, and Credit 103 Classes
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Official Transcripts
Transcripts may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

Unpaid Accounts
Grades and attendance records at Institute of Credit will not be released unless accounts have been paid in full. Students who have delinquent accounts are not entitled to a copy of their transcript. Prior charges must be paid or current enrollment will not be accepted.

If administration cancels or withdraws a class, all tuition will be refunded.

If students want to withdraw from a class after regular registration, they must officially withdraw by submitting the appropriate forms to the Office of the Registrar. Students who do not withdraw officially from a class will receive the grade of “F”. If a student registers and withdraws formally from the Institute of Credit before the first class, tuition will be fully refunded. Refunds will be issued and prorated as follows: If a student withdraws or is terminated after instruction begins, tuition reimbursement will be:

  • During the first week of instruction 75%
  • During the second week of instruction 25%
  • Thereafter 0%

Tax Deduction
All expenses of continuing education (including registration fees, travel, meals, lodging) taken to maintain and improve professional skills are tax deductible, subject to the limitations set forth in the Internal Revenue Code.

For more information on IOC Tutition and Registration contact: NACM Connect’s Education Department.