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Robert L. Vodraska Foundation Scholarships

We understand it may be difficult to finance an education these days, and we are here to provide resources that may help. Every January the Robert L. Vodraska Foundation offers scholarships to members of NACM Connect. Applications are accepted from January 1 through March 1.

All members are welcome to apply for scholarships. If you are awarded with Robert L. Vodraska Scholarship Foundation funds they can be used towards these educational events:

  • All NACM Connect Regional Credit Conferences
  • All NACM Connect Regional Annual Meetings
  • Seminars in any of the NACM Connect Regions
  • Credit 101, 102 or 103
  • Business Credit Principles
  • Basic Financial Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis I
  • Business Law
  • Credit Law
  • Review Classes / Testing Fees for NACM Designations

Complete the online application or download the PDF Application prior to registering for a class or conference.
(Applications are ONLY accepted from January 1st – March 1st)

NACM National Scholarships

In addition, NACM National offers scholarship funds for:

  • National & Regional conferences
  • NACM National Credit Learning Center courses
  • NACM National online courses
  • FCIB Events

Please visit NACM National for more information and to apply for national scholarships.

Your employer may also offer tuition reimbursement for job-related classes. We encourage you to visit your human resources representative to see what additional benefits may be available.

Still have questions about your educational plans? Please email Lillian Novak or call her at 847.483.6478.