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Public Records Bulletin

Published every Friday, “The Public Records Bulletin” offers a synopsis of all commercial suits, liens, National bankruptcies and judgments filed in various counties throughout Northeastern Ohio, Mid Ohio, Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Both parties and amounts involved are listed when available.

How much money could your company save if you had someone searching records in each courthouse alerting you to potential problem accounts? As a member of NACM Connect we’ll do this for you!

Whether your customer is a plaintiff or a defendant, you’ll know about:

  • SUITS – signaling possible financial difficulties
  • LIENS – alerting you that further investigation is needed
  • JUDGMENTS – against your customers warning you to monitor the account closely.
  • NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY FILINGS – helping you avoid costly credit extensions.

The Public Records Bulletin will help keep you abreast of suits, liens and judgments involving your commercial customers.

Download information on pricing and county coverage.

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*The accuracy of the reports is not guaranteed. The contents are gathered in good faith and sent to you by NACM Connect without liability for negligence in procuring, collecting, communicating, or failing to communicate the information so gathered.

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