Webinar ImageNACM Connect is now offering web seminars as part of our education and training initiative. We will help you keep up with your professional development one-hour at a time. Webinar topics include issues and developments important to credit professionals. If you have any questions about NACM Connect webinars please contact us at info@nacmconnect.org or call 847-483-6400.

Unclaimed Property and the Credit Department

February 21, 2018: 10 am – 11 am CT
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Most credit departments are already aware of unclaimed property and how it arises. However, they often feel that the rules surrounding unclaimed property contradict many of their normal credit processes and procedures. This session will address how unclaimed property can arise in the credit department and how to address potential unclaimed property so that it can be resolved, or reported, correctly.

In addition, this session will also address the impact of unclaimed property audits on the credit department and how to develop, and implement, effective unclaimed property policies and procedures. In this 60-minute live webinar we will cover:

  • Where Unclaimed Property is Hiding and Why it’s Overlooked
  • Unclaimed Property Audit
  • Developing Effective Internal Procedures
  • Why Being in compliance for AR Isn’t So Difficult

My Customer Filed Bankruptcy, Now What?

March 13, 2018: 10 am – 11:15 am CT
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It’s the moment you most dread: you find out that your customer has just filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. This 75-minute webinar will cover:

  • The circumstances where credit providers can exercise their UCC adequate assurance, stoppage of delivery and reclamation rights to expedite the payment of their claims.
  • The importance of understanding the papers filed at the beginning of a bankruptcy case, the risk of doing business with a chapter 11 debtor that has not yet obtained the approval of financing or use of cash collateral.
  • The impact of the automatic stay that arises when bankruptcy is filed, critical vendor protection, filing a proof of claim and responding to an objection to claim will also be covered.

Bankruptcy Code Section 503(b)(9) has also significantly enhanced trade creditor rights by granting goods sellers whose customer has filed bankruptcy an administrative priority claim for the value of their goods received by the Debtor within 20 days of bankruptcy. The speaker will also discuss how to assert this priority claim, the significant litigation concerning Section 503(b)(9)’s requirements and the defenses to priority status that seek to limit or defeat recovery by trade creditors, and the advantages of this claim over reclamation rights.

This 75-minute webinar will then cover the rights of creditors that are parties to “executory contracts,” such as supply and services agreements and purchase orders, after their customer files bankruptcy, all with the goal of limiting the risk of additional losses as a result of a failed bankruptcy case. Finally, there will be a quick discussion of the role of creditors’ committees in Chapter 11 cases and, time permitting, the preliminary steps that should be taken when the bankruptcy is filed to assist in defending preference claims.

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