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Serving on the Board of Directors

NACM Connect is governed by a 18-member Board of Directors that includes credit professionals, as well as liaison staff from NACM Connect. NACM Connect’s Nominating Committee accepts nominations for individuals with leadership and management experience to serve on the Board of Directors from January 1st through January 31st. Nominations cannot be accepted outside this timeframe due to restrictions in the Association bylaws.


Past ChairPersons

2023-24 | Brendon Misik, CCE, CICP, Nutrien
2022-23 | Kevin Stinner, CCE, CCRA, J.R. Simplot
2021-22 | Mike Hill, CCE, MiTek, Inc.
2020-21 | Patrick Nelson, ACCO Brands, Inc.
2019-20 | Erica White, CCE, Ferguson Enterprises
2018-19 | Kurt Albright, Uline, Inc.
2017-18 | John Fahey, CCE, Edward Don & Co.
2016-17 | Larry O’Brien, CCE, ICCE, Potash Corporation
2015-16 | Christine Alix, ICCE, The Chamberlain Group
2014-15 | William Lovitt, CCE, CICP, Klein Tools
2013-14 | Jay Snyder, CICP, Shure Inc.
2012-13 | Dave Zahller, CCE, Tubular Steel
2011-12 | Jim Rimmer, CCE, CICP, US Gypsum
2010-11 | Thom Beaupre, CCE, Metal One
2009-10 | Steven Berz, Syngenta
2008-09 | Susan Fattore, MBA, Heico Corporation
2007-08 | John Jaeger, CCE, Follett Corporation
2006-07 | Michele Pancotto, CCE, Andrew Corporation
2005-06 | Larry Grogan, CCE, BP Products North America
2004-05 | John Bradtke, CBA, Symons Corporation
2002-04 | Bruce Bialy, Rexam Beverage Can Company
2001-02 | Curt Rothlisberger, CCE, CICE, Elkay Manufacturing Co.
2000-01 | Marg Frens, CCE, DSC Logistics
1999-00 | Cynthia Valenzo, CCE, Gaylord Container Corp.
1998-99 | Jeffrey Ingalls, CCE, Edward Don & Co.
1997-98 | Ross Fisher, CCE, Nalco Chemical Co.
1996-97 | David E. Judeika, Monsanto/Searle
1995-96 | Cathy Ann Grossmayer, CBA, Accurate Threaded Fasteners
1994-95 | Mark E. Hanley, CCE, Osterman & Co.
1993-94 | Ronald E. Mefford, CCE, Cooper Lighting
1992-93 | Diane E. Patterson, CCE, A. B. Dick Co.
1991-92 | Robert L. Vodraska, CCE, Duchossois Industries, Inc.
1990-91 | Gary Grissom, S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
1989-90 | Joseph V. Bari, Weber-Stephen Products Co.
1988-89 | Richard C. Trebilco, Masonite Corp.
1987-88 | Thomas C. Lambert, Union Carbine Corp.
1986-87 | Thomas Reimholz, Travenol Laboratories, Inc.
1985-86 | Robert M. Healy, CCE, Unocal Chemical Division
1984-85 | David F. Spitler, CCE, U. S. Gypsum Co.
1983-84 | Ronald M. Gordon, Interlake, Inc.
1982-83 | Fred T. L. Norris, Glidden Coatings & Resin Div. of SCM Corp.
1981-82 | William G. Dearhammer, The First National Bank of Chicago
1980-81 | Raymond H. Timmer, Material Service Corp.
1979-80 | Walter G. Krauss, Fullerton Metals Co.
1978-79 | Clifford J. Carpenter, Nalco Chemical Co.
1977-78 | Sherman B. Hoyt, Inland Steel Co.
1976-77 | M. R. Pearson, IMC Corporation
1975-76 | David M. Krafft, The Meyercord Co.
1974-75 | Raymond A. Johnson, CCE, Sunbeam Appliance Co.
1973-74 | Dwight Sisney, Dale Maintenance System, Inc.
1972-73 | Kenneth R. Johnson, Marsh & McLennan, Inc.
1971-72 | Harry A. Halberg, Signode Corp.
1970-71 | B. H. Morse, CCE, Allstate Insurance Co.
1969-70 | Loren M. Root, Continental Bank of Chicago
1968-69 | C. Ray Trickey, National Lead Co.
1967-68 | Robert J. Walerius, Pure Oil Div. of Union Oil Co.
1966-67 | Walter B. Dow, Harris Trust & Savings Bank
1965-66 | Ward B. Lowe, Curtiss Candy Co.
1965 | F. J. Hertel, Elgin National Watch Co.
1964-65 | A. B. Keen, John Sexton & Co.
1963-64 | W. G. Lampe, Abbott Laboratories
1962-63 | R. E. Clark, Joslyn Manufacturing & Supply Co.
1961-62 | G. B. Kay, American Smelting & Refining Co.
1960-61 | O. B. Tearney, Inland Steel Co.
1959-60 | R. B. Mitchell, Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co.
1958-59 | J. J. Kaberna, The First National Bank of Chicago
1957-58 | P. R. Gross, United States Steel Corp.
1956-57 | W. M. Edens, Continental Bank of Chicago
1955-56 | L. T. Hadley, Goodman Manufacturing Co.
1954-55 | V. A. Bingham, Macwhyte Co.
1953-54 | E. E. Diehl, Westinghouse Electric Corp.
1952-53 | W. J. Gielen, Hilton Hotels Corp.
1951-52 | D. A. Grant, Socony-Vacuum Oil Company Inc.
1950-51 | J. E. Walsh, Oscar Mayer Co.
1949-50 | G. T. Thomas, Sherwin-Williams Co.
1948-49 | A. L. Jones, Armour & Co.
1947-48 | R. L. Seaman, R. L. Seaman Company Inc.
1946-47 | C. W. Dittmar, Crane Co.
1945-46 | H. H. Faulstich, The First National Bank of Chicago
1944-45 | C. L. Holman, Wilson Brothers
1942-44 | G. H. Nippert, The Procter & Gamble Dist. Co.
1941-42 | S. Overstraeten, Van Cleef Brothers
1939-41 | A. L. Podrasnik, Chicago Times, Inc.
1938-39 | C. L. Bonson, Allen A. Co.
1937-38 | George M. Groves, Groves Shoe Co.
1936-37 | L. E. Schroeder, Geo E. Watson Co.
1935-36 | W. J. Claussen, Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.
1934-35 | E. M. Tourtelot, The First National Bank of Chicago
1933-34 | Walter Evensen, Crane Co.
1932-33 | H. B. Ashton , Carson Pirie Scott & Co.
1931-32 | E. M. Tourtelot, The First National Bank of Chicago
1929-31 | H. W. Clausen, C. D. Osborn Co.
1928-29 | S. Einstein, The Florsheim Shoe Co.
1927-28 | James S. Cox, W. C. Ritchie & Co.
1926-27 | A. H. Fabbri, Northwestern Expanded Metal Co.
1925-26 | E. H. Burgess, Edward Hines Lumber Co.
1924-25 | J. M. Judson, Sinclair Refining Co.
1923-24 | O. F. Schultz, Western Felt Works
1922-23 | E. F. Reiter, Consumers Co.
1921-22 | R. G. Elliott, Jacques Manufacturing Co.
1920-21 | Lawrence Whitty, Schoebrun & Co.
1919-20 | R. J. Kane, Joyce, Kane & Albrecht Co.
1918-19 | W. E. Shoemaker, J. W. Butler Paper Co.
1917-18 | H. W. Merrick, Armour & Co.
1916-17 | E. J. Roberts, Chicago White Lead & Oil Co.
1915-16 | C. F. Hoerr, Home Bank & Trust Co.
1914-15 | W. M. Turner, Chicago Varnish Co.
1912-14 | Henry W. Hardy, Libby, McNeill & Libby
1910-12 | R. S. White, American Steel & Wire Co.
1908-10 | S. J. Whitlock, Belding Brothers & Co.
1906-08 | W. J. McMillan, N. K. Fairbank & Co.
1905-06 | John C. Boss, Liquid Carbonic Co.
1904-05 | F. H. McAdow, Staver Carriage Co.
1903-04 | N. M. Tribou, Longley, Low & Alexander
1902-03 | Henry T. Smith, Bradner Smith & Co.
1901-02 | E. M. Skinner, Wilson Brothers
1900-01 | S. J. Kline, B. Kuppenheimer & Co.
1899-00 | E. L. Wedeles, Steel Wedeles Co.
1897-99 | R. C. Hall, U. S. Rubber Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no “ideal” board candidate. Instead, NACM Connect wants its board to include individuals with diverse work, life, social and educational backgrounds so that it can make well-rounded decisions that reflect its entire membership. NACM Connect seeks true diversity — in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, industry, location and work roles — in its board.

There are generally four vacancies on the Board of Directors per year. NACM Connect seeks nominations for four credit professionals to serve a three-year term.

The only requirement of board candidates is that they hold a membership in their name with NACM Connect and have sufficient leadership experience.  Assuming they meet membership requirements, the Nominating Committee will evaluate board candidates based on their background, including their credentials, past leadership experience and NACM Connect tenure; their NACM Connect experience, including their past involvement in NACM Connect committees, programs and industry groups.

Previous NACM Connect Board members have attested to the tremendous value of board service. In addition to impressive line items for their resumes, they have reported significant professional and personal benefits, including: the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from industry leaders; the chance to share their own knowledge, expertise and training with others; professional recognition that elevates their stature within the credit community at large; valuable work experience that opens the door to new career opportunities; and relationships with new friends and lifelong mentors.

Although board members must be willing to invest time in preparing for and thoughtfully participating in board meetings, the time commitment is not onerous.  The NACM Connect Board meets 4 times a year. Also, each member of the board serves on at least two additional committees and should therefore be available to participate in regular committee meetings and calls. Many of the committees meet via conference call.  Finally, there’s an expectation for board members to attend NACM Connect’s Annual Meeting.

You think. You plan. You evaluate. You build the foundation for the needs of credit professionals across the membership to be successful in their careers. Volunteers bring viewpoints and knowledge which, when blended with the knowledge and skill of NACM Connect’s motivated staff, are essential to the organization’s continued success.

NACM Connect’s Nominating Committee will accept board nominations from January 1st through January 31st.  Summary of Information forms are sent to the candidates on February 1, due back on February 8.  The Nominating Committee meets in February and the slate of officers and directors is announced in the March/April edition of The InterConnection.  The Bylaws do allow for a contention process, which can be explained upon request.

Yes. NACM Connect members may nominate themselves for board service by following the same procedures they would use in order to nominate someone else.

There is always next year! And there are always myriad volunteer opportunities within NACM Connect. The Nominating Committee will provide feedback to applicants who were not slated for the board so they can improve their applications and their future chances of being slated.

If you know of an individual who meets the Nominating Committee’s criteria, and who might be willing to serve on NACM Connect’s Board, please complete the online nomination form, or you can find a copy of the nomination form in the January/February issue of The InterConnection. NACM Connect will then distribute board Summary of Information Forms to the nominees in accordance with the bylaws.

For more information about the nominating process, or about nominating criteria, contact Lillian Novak, Chief Communications Officer, at lillian.novak@nacmconnect.org or 847.483.6478.