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8:15 – 9:15 A.M.  |  WEDNESDAY  |  SEPTEMBER 15 


Life and leadership lessons from Randy’s 23 years on and off the court as an NCAA basketball official. Your work and your life is more than a game, yet not missing the great game means you show up, you play, you learn, and you embrace the entire journey. You will leave with:

• The 3 key strategies in how to get along with anyone
• Knowledge on how to apply the LADR principle to their lives
• A clear understanding of effective leadership
• Tangible takeaways on the inner game
• And more!

RANDY’S MISSION Randy Fox’s incredible energy, leadership expertise, and undeniable stage charisma all come together to engage audiences and help people transform their professional and personal lives.

HE’S BEEN THERE Prior to becoming an international award-winning speaker, author, and coach, Randy earned his stripes with 23 years as an NCAA basketball official and 20 years filled with much success (and some failure too) as a corporate operations and sales leader. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association Florida Chapter, has written several prestigious books, and is fully aware that his 8-year-old has more artistic ability than he.



9:45 –11 A.M.

9:45 –11 A.M.

Financial Statement Analysis
Speaker: Curtis Litchfield, Senior Credit Manager, Land O’Lakes

The analysis of financial statements consists of a mixture of steps and pieces that interrelate and affect each other. No single part of the analysis should be interpreted in isolation. The specific conclusions drawn will be affected by the original objective established at the initiation of the analytical process. Every aspect of a firm’s financial condition, operating performance and outlook affects the market value of its shares. This session will bring light to the critical areas of analysis that are required in the credit risk assessment process and introduce the fundamentals of interpretation. ► PRESENTATION

Skirting the Post Office: Converting Your Customers to Electronic Payers
Speakers: Joe Batie, Chief Commercial Officer, Caine & Weiner; Michael Williams, Vice President Strategic Partnerships, United*Tranzactions

We’ve all experienced delays in postal deliveries which were only made worse during the pandemic. Because of these delays many companies are seeking ways to convince their customers to get onboard the electronic payment train. In this session you will hear how experts in the field of getting paid and getting paid electronically have successfully moved companies to 21st century payment methods.

11:30 A.M. –12:30 P.M.

11:30 A.M. –12:30 P.M.

Etiquette for Online Tools
Speaker: Staci Cima, CCE, Corporate Credit Manager, Huttig Building Products

More and more communications are now taking place in emails and on video calls. But there should still be professional protocols when using these means of communication, and in this session we’ll explore some of the things people do right, and some of the things people do wrong, all while having some fun. We’ll talk about knowing your audience, company policies and “Would you read this” for emails and professionalism, surroundings and quick communication notes for video calls, plus more!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Credit Career
Panelists: Elaine Fry, CCE; Mike Hill, CCE, Director of Credit, MiTek USA, Inc.; Lillian Novak, CGA, Vice President of Education, NACM Connect

Is the career path you have laid out for yourself a path to success? You may have an end-game in sight, but the direction to getting there may be filled with detours. Two of our highly successful members will be on hand to discuss how they got to where they are and answer questions you may have about your path, and we will also be able to answer any questions about the NACM Professional Designation Program. ► PRESENTATION

1:30 –2:45 P.M.

1:30 –2:45 P.M.

Coming out of Covid – A Roundtable Discussion
Facilitators: Brent Heizelman, Credit Manager, Mid Kansas Cooperative Association; Ken O’Rear, Assistant Vice President-Client Services, Caine & Weiner; Troy Wangen, Managing Director, True Partners Consulting

As we reach what we hope to be the end of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many things have changed for many of our members. Your operations may have shifted, your industry as a whole may be doing things differently, some new policies may have altered your processes, just to name a few. Hear what may have changed in third-party collections, unclaimed property regulations and the credit profession for one company, and bring your thoughts, issues and questions to this open roundtable discussion.

Managing the Remote Credit Department
Speakers: Dominic Biegel, Senior Manager, Sales Process Lead, Bectran

Join us to explore how to successfully leverage technology to make working from home easier, whether you’re with a large, small or medium size company. We’ll review what aspects of credit, collections, claims, payments and cash application procedures have been automated with software and how this is extremely important for successful remote work. We will also discuss examples of companies that successfully transformed in office credit departments to remote thanks to technology and how these companies were able to get approval for their technology project. ► PRESENTATION

3:15 –4:30 P.M.

3:15 –4:30 P.M.

Litigation 101
Speakers: Thomas Fawkes and Brian Jackiw, Tucker Ellis LLP

All credit professionals will need to engage in litigation at some point in their careers in order to enforce contractual rights, recover losses from a defaulting customer, or defend against claims made by a counterparty. However, litigation can be expensive, time consuming, and fraught with uncertainty. During this presentation, our presenters will provide a primer on the litigation process (both in bankruptcy court and in the state and federal courts), the obligations of a litigant, and steps that should be taken – both before and after litigation is commenced – to increase the likelihood of a successful, cost-efficient outcome. ► PRESENTATION

Rethinking Receivables: AI-Driven Cash Management
Speaker: Christopher Rios, Vice President, Dun & Bradstreet

Modern receivables cash application is about intelligence driven automation to drive efficiency, increase working capital and achieve synchronization between systems and parties. Learn why 41% of credit professionals polled agreed that cash application is the most likely back office process to be automated in the next 12 months and the benefits of doing so.

4:30 — 5:30 P.M. VENEZIA | Reception and Networking Event — Hosted by the Exhibitors



8:30 – 9:45 A.M. VENEZIA

General Session – NACM Connect Updates InSight2 Reports, Industry Analysis Report and InterConnection Online Community
NACM Connect Staff: Phil Lattanzio, CCE; Lillian Novak, CGA; Rochelle Wilson, CGA; Rich Steinkoenig, CGA

Even though we had to take a break from being with our members during the pandemic, we were still hard at work developing new features and benefits for our members. During this general session we will guide you through two new credit reporting features as well as a deep dive into our new online community, InterConnections, which will open online communications between all members of NACM Connect throughout our 17 state area. ► PRESENTATION

10:15–11:30 A.M.

10:15–11:30 A.M.

Credit Application Review
Speakers: Thomas Fawkes and Brian Jackiw, Tucker Ellis LLP

Credit Applications are an integral component of the credit underwriting and review process, and are commonly used by credit professional for a variety of reasons, including the evaluation of new and existing customers, the granting, conditioning and termination of credit, and as a tool for enforcing rights and remedies against defaulting customers. During this presentation, our presenters will examine the benefits of credit applications, best practices for designing an effective credit application, tips for maximizing customer compliance with the credit application process, and when and how credit applications should be updated. ► PRESENTATION

Anatomy of a Credit Decision
Speaker: Curtis Litchfield, CCE, Senior Credit Manager, Land O’Lakes

What are the factors that should be considered when making a credit decision? Do the Five C’s of Credit still hold up? What value exists in a credit report, credit reference, or audited or unaudited financial statements? In this session we’ll cover all the ground work to make sure you are looking at everything to be considered to make a sound credit decision. ► PRESENTATION

1 – 2:15 P.M.

1 – 2:15 P.M.

Using Security to Expand your Credit Boundaries
Speaker: Jerry Bailey, Executive Sales and Education Services Manager, NCS

Have you had to tell a salesperson to turn away a sale because the credit risk is too great? Do you have customers, with past due invoices, asking for additional time to pay? Has a customer placed an order much larger than any in their history? Secured transactions were created to promote commerce, encourage lending and sales, and have played a vital role in driving our economy. Discover how secured transactions can increase your sales while protecting your receivables. Secured transactions can allow you to sell to marginal accounts you may typically avoid, expand the credit lines for customers exceeding their existing credit line, and furnish to construction projects that carry high credit risk. ► PRESENTATION

The NEW Multigenerational Workforce – A Roundtable Discussion
Facilitators: Dale Semple, Director of Credit, The Equity; Tiffany Sudduth, American Metals Supply; Derrick Swaney, MiTek USA, Inc.

For the first time there are now five generations in the workforce, each with their own expectations of what they want their experience to look like and what it will take to keep them. Toss in the pandemic and that picture changes again as each generation adjusts differently. Join the conversation with our facilitators and fellow conference attendees as we try to make sense of it all.

2:30 — 3:30 P.M.

Honoring our Real Heroes
The Honor Flight Network was formed in 2005 by Jeff Miller and Earl Morse with a mission of honoring our nation’s veterans by bringing them to Washington, DC to visit the memorials and monuments dedicated to their service and sacrifice. While originally focused on honoring our nation’s World War II veterans, the Honor Flight Network now also honors those who served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, intermediary operations, and in special cases of terminal illness or injury, veterans from more recent service eras. Since its formation in 2005, the Honor Flight Network has taken more than 240,000 veterans to Washington D.C. Today, the Honor Flight Network is currently comprised of over 125 hubs throughout the country dedicated to carrying out the Honor Flight mission; and, the Network, as a whole, serves over 22,000 veterans each year. A representative of Greater St. Louis Honor Flight along with some of our local heroes will be on hand to share their experiences of this phenomenal endeavor.

3:30 — 4:30 P.M. VENEZIA | Networking Hour (ROOM A) — Open Bar & Silent Auction Wrap-up