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Education and Volunteering and Awards…Oh MY!  WE NEED YOU! 

We are looking for members from across the nine-state region to join the leadership of NACM Connect through volunteering on the Board of Directors or one of the many committees. Interested in throwing in for the Board of Directors? Fill out the form (see below), submit it to Lillian Novak and she will send you a Candidate Profile for your official submission to the Nominating Committee. All forms must be submitted by January 31 Education for consideration. Members elected to the BOD not from the Chicagoarea will be partially subsidized for travel to quarterly meetings. Committee volunteers are needed across the board, particularly for help in planning our educational offerings. The annual meeting and conference agendas are driven by the committees guiding staff through what they would like to see offered at these events. If you haven’t attended an annual meeting or conference due to agenda, here’s your chance to be heard.

Board Member Nomination and Committee Volunteer Nomination   |   PDF Form   |   Online Form

Is there someone you know on your staff that is an up-and-comer in the credit industry? Nominate them with the form on page 9 to be admitted into our Elite Membership program. The form explains the benefits to these elite few entering into this two-year program. The nominee’s company should be all-in in supporting participation in the program’s requirements. We envision this program to be a lead-in to future leadership of the Association.

Elite Membership Nominations
   |   PDF Form   |   Online Form

Finally, we are searching for the best of the best in candidates for the 2019 Robert M. Healy Credit Executive of the Year, and Gateway’s Member of the Year and Credit Excellence Awards. If you know of a worthy candidate, please nominate them.

Credit Executive of the Year Nominations   |   PDF Form

NACM Connect Missouri Honors and Awards Nomination   |   PDF Form   |   Online Form