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The new online community is a one-stop shop that allows members to easily connect and communicate in real time with other members of the Association to share best practices, ask for recommendations on services, get basic legal questions answered and link to current events and updates from NACM Connect.

Message Members On Your Preferred Channel
When you join an NACM Connect Group Hub Lounge, you can post questions to members of your group, participate in discussions, get advice and network. And you can communicate through your preferred channel across the web, SMS and email.

Reply From Wherever You Are
You’ll get updates directly to your inbox and you can reply from wherever you are – through your email or the app.

Login To Your Community Home
Once you join, login to your community hub home page to check out new discussions, events and tap into resources.

Connect One-To-One Or In Groups
You can find other members easily and network privately in 1:1 or group chats. Be a thought leader and start new discussions related to your business, project or challenges you’re facing.

InterConnections, the  NACM Connect online community hub, is a faster, more efficient way of getting information to and from other members. And this new benefit is completely free to members in good standing of NACM Connect.  As always,  the only thing you won’t be able to do is talk about your customers – antitrust always comes first!