These eight individuals have been nominated by their supervisors with the support of their employers, and will be deeply involved in some of the Association’s initiatives for the coming year. Among other responsibilities they will serve on the Emerging Leader/ Social Media Committee and help us to develop a membership program that will meet the needs of the up and coming credit professionals.

They’ve all attended the 2017 Annual Meetings in their area and met as a committee in early April. Heading the committee are Erica White, CCE, Ferguson Enterprises and Patrick Nelson, ACCO USA, who was elected to the Board of Directors specifically to help launch the initiative of getting in touch with this generation. As the year progresses we will keep the membership informed of the activities and achievements of this group.

The 2017-2018 Elite Members are:

 Devon Andersen-Farmer, CBA  Eric Brightwell  Zachary Cherry, CBA  Shelby Cockcroft
Devon Andersen-Farmer, CBA
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
District Credit Manager
Eric Brightwell
Edward Don & Company
National Credit
Zachary Cherry, CBA
Roche Diagnostics
Collections and Credit
Support Specialist
Shelby Cockcroft
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Credit Manager
 Martine Dyer, CBA, CCRA  Joe Kuziel  Brendon Misik, CCE  Tiffany Sudduth
Martine Dyer, CBA, CCRA
Credit Analyst
Joe Kuziel
Senior Credit Analyst
Brendon Misik, CCE
Potash Corp
Area Credit Manager
Tiffany Sudduth
American Metal Supply
Asst. Credit Manager