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Graydon International Reports


Graydon provides business intelligence solutions for Credit Management, Marketing Information and Risk & Compliance. By combining data with business insights, Graydon helps companies to gain access to capital and to expand their knowledge in order to strengthen their competitive position. Graydon has offices in London, Amsterdam and Antwerp and uses a network of 130 international databases around the world with information of more than 90 million companies.


How will you receive Graydon’s International Credit Reports?
In order to remain competitive you must make rapid and well informed credit decisions. Graydon offers you instant, on line access to over 80 million company reports worldwide. If and when required, Graydon can also produce a freshly investigated report, prepared to your specifications and at your desired speed of service.

How do you access Graydon’s International Credit Reports?

Graydon’s International Credit Reports are accessible in the following ways:

  • With the Graydon on line service for registered users, with reports delivered directly to your computer desktop or email
  • Email your request to our credit report center to receive a Graydon credit report

Why should you choose Graydon’s international reporting service?
Graydon can provide you with:

  • Access to millions of instantly available credit reports on the web, covering more than 190 countries worldwide
  • Our reports are endorsed by all leading credit insurance organizations
  • You will benefit from a standardized European online report format
  • Reports for countries where no information is instantly available can be obtained through a fresh investigation


Working internationally can have its rewards however it can come with risk. Don’t go it alone – count on Graydon to help you through the process.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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