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Industry Credit Groups

Credit Group ImageOverview

An Industry Credit Group supplies creditors with the most accurate and timely information available.
All account receivable information is supplied by creditors currently doing business with your customers. Credit Group activities are monitored by NACM Connect to insure compliance with Federal anti-trust regulations.

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 Services Provided with Industry Credit Group Membership:

  • Current Account Experience
    Monthly account clearance reports allow you to share and receive account information with fellow group members on mutual customers. You will be provided with a coded membership roster for easy identification of the information source.
  • Email Alerts for Critical Information
    Bankruptcies, NSF checks, collection accounts and other pertinent information that you need to know now, before making that critical decision.
  • Group Interchange Meetings
    Keep up-to-date on industry trends through educational offerings and networking with credit managers working in your industry. Nowhere else can you find such career growth, up to the minute, factual credit information and leadership opportunities.
  • Fully Automated Data Exchange
    Our web site offers automated support through Automated Credit Exchange. Group members have the ability to submit and retrieve account data from their own personal computer.

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